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Rica Detiquez

I find the word "faith" deeply moving as I look back at everything I went through.

It was the kind faith in the compassion of others that started my selling journey back when I was in highschool. My friends and classmates helped me through buying the things I sell back then, from graham balls to ----- I needed the money to help me fund my projects and school expenses. I wanted to help
my family by taking care of myself. This faith got me through college, until I graduated.
It was also then when I realized I have a gift in selling--a gift that will later on change lives.
It was the unconditional faith that was given to me and my family when Ryx Skincerity was nothing but a business idea and a few products. Those moments were full of doubt.
What if I fail? What if I lose everything? What if my products are not good enough? I can't tell you how heartbreaking it was to have people turn their backs on you when it was your turn to ask for them a little bit of faith.
But some people trusted us. They chose to trust me and Ryx Skincerity.
After that, the rest was history.
Today, it was the faith of our growing family of distributors and customers that keeps us going. They are the constant reminder of how faith has led all of us where we are right now. Despite all the challenges and the doubt, they stayed and kept faith in me. Lastly, I want to talk about a faith that made everything possible. The faith got me through all the doubt and fear, temptations and challenges. A faith in the Lord that reminds me of His unceasing love for me. A faith that continues to bless me and make a channel of blessings for others. So you see, faith. It changes lives.